Why Should You Care About Chlorine in Water?

Eliminate Dry Hair & Skin With a Culligan Whole Home Water Filter or Softener
Chlorine is the most commonly used chemical for the disinfection of water supplies — including those in the Atlanta area. It is regularly added to kill bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms that can cause illness, keeping water safe as it travels from the treatment plant to a consumer's tap.
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) limits the amount of chlorine in water supplies to levels that are safe for human consumption. However, its presence can still cause several annoyances for homeowners.
Common Issues Associated With Chlorine in Water
  • Chlorine dries out skin and hair.
  • It can cause water to taste and smell unpleasant.
  • Its presence in water can cause rashes, especially if your home contains hard water as well.
What Can You Do About Chlorine?
The Aquasential™ Series™ from Culligan brings you efficient whole-home water filtration in one low-maintenance system. In addition to the reduction of chlorine, its benefits include:
  • A continuous supply of softer, filtered water for your entire home
  • Softer hair and more hydrated skin
  • Decreased soap residue on hair, skin and clothing
  • Easier and less expensive household cleaning
  • No more hard water spots on glassware, dishes and utensils
  • Less soap scum and scaling on faucets, sinks and tubs
  • Lower water heating bills
  • Longer lifespans of water-using appliances
  • The removal of dirt, silt, clay and other sediments
  • The prevention of staining and corrosion caused by acidic water or iron
  • Water that is free of unpleasant odors or tastes
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Every Aquasential™ Whole Home System and installation plan is customized based on your individual water treatment needs. Your local Culligan Water expert will review the quality of your water, the size of your household and even your home's plumbing before recommending the perfect water filtration or softening solution for your lifestyle and budget.
Contact your local Culligan expert for rental and purchase pricing today!