As the summer makes it way into our country it’s time to start preparing your body for the warm days ahead. In order to keep your body healthy as the temps start to rise, drinking more water is key.

When it comes to water, there’s a big difference between drinking water and drinking clean water. Of course, when you’re drinking water this summer, it should always be clean. Here are some reasons why.


Keep Your Mood Boosted

Did you know that drinking enough water has actually been said to improve your mood? Drinking it will not only keep you awake and drive away grumpiness but it can also change the outlook on your day. If you’re drinking dirty water, you’re going to feel sluggish and out of tune with your peaceful mindset. So kick that gross water to the curb and get your drinks from your water filters in the home.


Keep You Healthy

If you are on a diet to revamp your summer body, or if you’re simply just wanting to keep your insides happy, drinking clean water can keep your body healthy. Drinking a few glasses of the purified water each day can speed up your metabolism and make the best use of your food’s calories. It will also help to increase weight loss on a more rapid level. In fact, drinking 16 ounces of clean water before meals lead to more weight loss, a new study shows.


Heal Your Sunburn and Keep You Active

Have you ever forgotten to apply sunscreen and woken up the next morning to burning and red skin? We’ve all been there but instead of waiting for it to heal on its own, increase your water intake. Since sunburn can dehydrate your skin, it’s important to put some moisture back into it with a couple glasses of water from your water filters in the home.

If you play summer sports, not only should you remember to apply sunscreen to prevent sunburns, but you should also be chugging clean water. A lack of water can cause your muscle tissue and performance to lag, which is something you should avoid at all costs.


While drinking water, in general, is important, dirty water can make you sick in the summer. To make sure your water is clean, use Culligan Water®️ RO water filtration system for clean water all the time.