You heard the lecture a million times: drink water! Stay hydrated! But it’s harder than it sounds some days, right? It’s estimated that 75% of all North Americans experience some level of chronic dehydration which can hamper your daily mental and physical functions.


Find A Quality Water Bottle…

Glass water bottles as opposed to plastic or metal are reusable, easily cleaned, and preserve fresh-tasting and purer water. Ceramic water bottles are also a great choice. Picking a size that is easy for you to bring back and forth to work or on errands is helpful, but choose the size carefully. Set a goal of how much water you want to drink every day before you buy a bottle. Then you can pick a size that helps you easily determine how many times you should refill the bottle throughout the day to reach your goal.


…And Make The Style One You Enjoy Carrying Around

Don’t pick an ugly but practical design if you know you’ll enjoy a ‘prettier’ or ‘cooler’

water bottle more. Having a water bottle in a color and design you enjoy is a great way to encourage you to carry it around happily instead of thinking of hydrating as a chore.


Skip The Bad Water In Public Areas

Don’t force yourself to drink dirty water from grocery store water fountains and other public taps if you don’t want to. Like with choosing an appealing water bottle, you should focus on making hydrating enjoyable, not a chore. Skip the bad water and remember to bring your water bottle full of purified water from your home tap and water filtration system.


Add Flavors

As long as a water-based drink is low-sugar and low-caffeine, you can essentially drink as much as you need with no ill health effects. Decaffeinated tea or herbal tea can hydrate you with added healthy benefits of tea and herbs. Adding a splash of fruit flavor creates a refreshing water-drinking experience. If you need texture, seltzer or soda water is another possibility.


Ask For Cleaner Water At Work

If you find yourself needing to refill your water supply at work but don’t like taste of the tap water there or think it has potential problems, see if there is interest in the office for installing a small reverse osmosis system or other water filter on the break room tap.


The bottom line is to make things easy on yourself. Enjoy how you hydrate and it will eventually become an easy habit.

To reiterate, filters can do a lot of good for your water. They can remove lead, chlorine, and sediments. Keep an eye out for emergency alerts concerning your water supply from your city or county, and if you have a well, get it inspected and professionally treated often. Culligan has a variety of water filters available, and will help find the perfect solution for your budget and water treatment needs for clean water all the time. Call Culligan Water ™- 432-563-2690 today.