Water is incredibly important to our bodies and our livelihood, as it makes up almost two-thirds of who we are. It influences wholly 100% of our body’s function and is so much more than a refreshing drink. Here are some facts about water and its relationship to the human body that will surprise you.

Water acts as a natural purifier and removes toxins from our system that we inhale through pollution and food. Drinking water helps to flush the system of these harmful pollutants and adds a little extra boost to your digestion.

This liquid brings much-needed oxygen into our bodies and throughout out blood stream. Have you ever felt dizzy, drank some water, and felt better? This happens because water offers more benefits than just hydration!

Water lubricates the joints so you have more range of flexibility when moving around. It is also quite helpful for easing muscle cramps and strains.

Drinking water helps to balance the body’s blood pressure and prevents it from falling to critical, unhealthy levels.

Your blood needs room to move around your body and water gives them just enough room. Without it, the blood can clot as it has nowhere to move, which can be exceptionally harmful.

You can take advantage of the different temperatures to gain relief — cold water helps to reduce inflammation and swelling in the body, while hot water stimulates the immune system and eases sore muscles.

Water boosts productivity! Drinking water stimulates blood flow, which can make you feel much more alert and refreshed. So if you’re really feeling sluggish in the morning, drink water instead of coffee!

While it is not a substitute for medicine, water has been known to help reduce fevers and help with decongestion. Plus, the body is typically dehydrated when under the weather, so drinking up may make you feel better.

As you can see, clean water is critical for many different bodily functions. The best way to ensure you are drinking pure water is to invest in water filters for the home. Not only will doing so ensure you have clean, pure water to drink, it will keep all your water problems at bay!

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