Deciding to get a water filter for your home might be a no-brainer. However, selecting which water filtration system is right for you might prove a bit more challenging. You know you want better water quality, but how can you know which residential water filters will make the most sense for your family’s unique needs?

In the U.S., forty-eight million people get their drinking water from private or household wells, and a large percentage of these homes experience water quality concerns. If you’re one of the many in the market for a new water filtration system, don’t make the costly mistake of choosing the wrong one. To get you started, here are two mistakes water filter shoppers should avoid:

1. Not Requesting A Water Test

Different types of water filters can treat different water quality issues. For example, some residential water softener systems might help “hard” water that’s loaded with too many minerals, while other systems can help balance the acidity of well water. If you don’t get your water tested, you won’t know exactly which issues your new home water filtration system should address. As such, you could end up wasting precious time and money on a system that simply doesn’t work for your home.

2. Choosing the Cheapest System

Too often, individuals who are desperate to improve their tap water select the first, cheapest water system they can find. Unfortunately, choosing a poor-quality home water filtration system means that your water will also be of poorer quality. To avoid this problem, select a well-established filtration company that can offer extensive information. Home water filtration experts can determine which system makes the most sense for your home based on several characteristics, including:

  • The number of people in your home
  • The age of your home
  • Your water pressure
  • The chemical makeup of your water
  • The source of your water (city system or private well)

Water makes up about two-thirds of our bodies, and influences 100 percent of our biological processes. As such, it’s important to drink the purest water your home can achieve to maintain optimal health. If you’re ready to improve your home’s water quality, getting a Culligan® Water Filtration system is a great place to start. Call Culligan of West Texas – 432-563-2690 today. Now that you know how to choose the proper water filtration system for your home, it’s time to sort out all the misconceptions you may have about them.