In our previous post, we explained how any home can benefit from investing in a water softener for their residential water system. Considering that 85% of American homes suffer from water that contains high levels of calcium and magnesium, it’s crucial that homeowners take the proper precautions to ensure their water is clean and safe to drink.

But, there’s a lot of confusion when it comes to the difference between water filters and water softeners. So here we continue to explain some commonly asked questions about water softeners to keep hard water out of the home.

A couple extra minerals don’t seem like a lot. Why should I be concerned about hard water in my home?
While these mineral deposits can be frustrating when it comes to getting your clothes and dishes really clean, the real problem lies within your pipes. When your home’s water gets heated, the minerals dissolve and then recrystallize into scales. These scales then build up and make their way into your appliances — like the dishwasher, washing machine, and water heater — and can reduce their longevity.

Why does a water softener need to use salt? Won’t that just add to my problems?
A water softener works by attracting ion particles in the magnesium and calcium via an ionized filter. Adding salt to the water softener will add more ions to the system, making it easier to attract contaminants. While this will add a bit more salt into your water supply, the amount is minuscule and will not affect your pipes or appliances.

Do I need to use a water softener all over my home?
Yes, your entire residential water system should have a water softener attached to it. This includes all your faucets, your sinks, your hose, and even your ice machine.

Will I need a water filter on top of a water softener?
Yes, because the water softener will not remove bacteria from your water. There may still be harmful contaminants in your water that could make it unsafe to drink, so to be safe it is best to choose a combination of a softener and a filter at all times.

If you have any additional questions concerning your residential water system and how you can benefit by incorporating a water softener into your home, don’t hesitate to call our professionals today. We’ll get your water clean in no time!