It might shock you to learn that Americans spend roughly $1.22 per gallon on bottled water each year. The fact that tap water costs under a cent per gallon makes the price Americans pay for bottled water about 300 times more expensive than it should be. Some people certainly spend more on bottled water for no reason, but others might actually have a reason. If you have bad tasting water, it’s possible you have a water issue. Here are some signs of contaminated water, and what they mean.

    1. Rotten Egg Odor
      This is the result of hydrogen sulfide gas absorbing into the water as it flows through the ground. The smell actually comes from gas being released from the water when you turn on the tap.


    1. Musty Smell
      This odor could be the result of dissolved solids in your drinking water. These could come from places like groundwater, industrial waste, chemical treatment plants, plumbing, or waste treatment facilities. If your water has a bitter, salty, or musky taste, don’t drink it without filtering first.


    1. Chemically Taste
      Chlorine has a very familiar taste to anyone who has gotten pool water in their mouth. Though chlorine is used to treat our water, killing potential bacteria, sometimes you are getting too much in your tap water.


    1. Metallic Taste
      In most cases, copper and iron in your water won’t actually hurt your health. Sometimes though, you can get lead contamination, which is one water issue you don’t want to ignore. The adverse health effects are well known, and lead can be quite dangerous. If you are worried about lead contamination, see when your pipes were installed. Lead gets into drinking water through older pipes installed before the health problems associated with lead were fully known in 1975. If your pipes were installed after that, they almost definitely don’t have lead in them.


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