If you are currently experiencing itchy and dry skin after a shower or stains in your sink, there’s a pretty good chance you might need a water softener. The dry and itchy skin, the stains, and other potential home water issues could be due to hard water. Hard water can really only be replaced by the use of a water softener, a Culligan Water™ softener.


Fortunately, you’re not alone. Did you know that 85% of homes in the United States have hard water, which contains high levels of magnesium and calcium? Water softeners remove the extra calcium and magnesium ions from hard water and replace them with potassium ions and sodium. This will help to ensure healthy skin, prevent build-up, and even increase the longevity of your water heater. Along with the itchy and dry skin, there are other ways to determine if you need a water softener or not.


First, if your water bill is much higher than it normally is, a Culligan Water™ softener might be the easiest solution. When you have hard water, it takes more gas or electricity to heat your water when scale buildup is on the inside of your water heater. Reach out to Culligan Water™ of West Texas to see if your water is too hard for you. They will be able to tell if you need a softening water system or not and can suggest the right Culligan Water™ system for your specific needs.


Next, if you find that your glassware is breaking easily or becoming damaged quickly, you might need to install a softening water system. Take your glasses and run them through the dishwasher, along with a half cup of vinegar and no soap. Vinegar can easily help to clean your glassware thoroughly, and if that’s doing the trick, it’s a key sign that your water might be too hard. You might decide to keep using the vinegar method time and time again, but simply installing a Culligan Water™ softening system is the easiest and most effective action.


Finally, take a look at your appliances. If you notice any buildup on them, hard water is likely to blame. You can find mineral deposits on coffee pots and tea kettles, but they can also build up inside pipes. If the mineral deposits build up inside of your pipes due to hard water, your plumbing will get clogged and actually become less effective. Culligan Water™ softening water systems can be used to reduce the buildup of the scale or mineral deposits, ultimately saving you time, money, and stress.  Plus, softer water saves on soap in your washing machine. A little will go a long way and your clothes will be cleaner and softer.


If you notice any of the things listed above happening in your household, reach out to your local Culligan Water™ team to see if you, in fact, have hard water. If you do, simply installing a Culligan Water™ softener can help fix the problem. Call Culligan Water ™- 432-563-2690 today.