We all know that water is essential for life — but far too many of us are lacking in our hydration methods. At the office, we might down cups of coffee or energy drinks to help us power through the day, but the increased caffeine intake can make dehydration even worse. If you really want to encourage a healthy workplace, the best thing you can do is to install a water filtration system. Here are just a few reasons why.

  1. A Greener and Cleaner Office: If your employees are currently relying on plastic water bottles or the traditional water cooler and paper cups to stay hydrated during the day, your business is producing more waste than necessary. Not only will you have to devote more storage space to large coolers or water bottle supplies, but those items may not always be disposed of properly. That can cause you to pay more money for waste management and fail in your initiatives to embrace greener practices. But a commercial water filtration system is far more eco-friendly, allowing your business to save both energy and waste. If your main focus is efficiency and sustainability, you won’t want to ignore the opportunities that a water system can offer.
  2. A Healthier and Happier Staff: Whether or not you realize it, the water we drink (or the water we don’t drink, in some cases) can have a profound effect on our health. People who are dehydrated can experience undesirable physical symptoms, resulting in lower productivity or missed work days. In a study done on the effects of water and headaches, participants experienced complete relief from their ailments within 30 minutes of drinking water. And if you have cleaner, more accessible water to offer, your staff will benefit big time. A large proportion of gastrointestinal complaints are related to water; if you don’t know for a fact that your office water is being filtered, you could end up having an outbreak on your hands. Cleaner water means healthier and happier employees who are less likely to miss work and more likely to be productive throughout the day.
  3. A More Vibrant Workplace Culture: There’s another benefit of an office water filtration system that you might have missed. Providing reliable access to great-tasting water is a perk that employees will truly enjoy. In the larger sense, prioritizing employee wellness can result in higher engagement (not to mention healthier employees). This has a ripple effect on your workplace culture. When employees feel valued, they’ll be more likely to go above and beyond — and to stay for longer periods. What’s more, emphasizing the importance of team water breaks can bring employees together and allow for greater feelings of inclusiveness. The combined effect of shared experiences and employee perks can result in an improved corporate culture that can allow your business to really thrive.

You might not think that something as simple as adding a water filtration system to your office can possibly make a big difference. But as these advantages show, you could completely change the health (both literally and figuratively) of your organization by doing so. To learn more, please contact Culligan of West Texas, 432-563-2690 today.