Cleaner WaterBetween frigid temperatures, icy conditions, and dry air, the winter months can take a toll on both your energy bills and your personal comfort. When we crank up our heat, the air becomes dry and static and our wallets become a bit barer. While some consumers are tempted to fill the room with humidifiers or purchase expensive beauty products to improve the appearance of their hair and skin, there’s actually a very simple solution to these problems: using a Culligan® home water system to soften your water. Not only will residential water systems produce cleaner water overall, but water softening can reduce your expenditures and will keep your skin and hair more moisturized and healthy. Here’s a bit more on how a Culligan® water softener system can help you this winter:

  1. Culligan® water softeners save you money

    When you use a Culligan® filtration system, you can replace your need for expensive bottled water. You may not realize it, but buying bottles of H20 instead of utilizing tap costs us 300 times more overall! You’ll feel the health benefits of drinking cleaner water right from the tap, do your part to save the environment, and redirect those funds to more important things. In addition, you can drastically reduce your need for moisturizing beauty and health products like conditioners, shampoos, lotions, Chapstick, and oils. Culligan® softened water will lock moisture in much better and you’ll eventually have much less of a need for these products, thus saving you money in the long run. This can be especially helpful when winter heating bills climb high!

  1. Culligan® water softeners are better for your plumbing

    You might not realize it, but hard water has mineral deposits that stick to your pipes and result in a buildup known as scale. When enough of this scale accumulates over time, your pipes can become coated and water flow can be significantly restricted. This can result in problems with your water heater as well as frequent plumbing repairs. You can reduce scale buildup in your pipes by softening your water. That cleaner water will flow more efficiently through your pipes and save you from headaches and high plumbing bills.

  1. Culligan® water softeners help your skin and hair

    Cold air holds less moisture than warm air does. In addition, blasting your heating system can make the air quality even drier in your home. Your face, hands, and scalp will likely feel the effects: skin is often red, itchy, and irritated, and your head may be flaky or filled with static cling. Your hair and skin may feel limp, lackluster, and agitated overall. Hard water often makes these issues much worse because it doesn’t allow soaps and shampoos to rinse as easily; residue is left behind, which can clog pores and make you feel generally a lot less fresh. When you soften your water, your skin and hair will absorb moisture much better and will feel much softer.

If you’re experiencing these harsh wintertime effects, it’s time to address those water problems with a Culligan® softening system. To get started, get in touch with us today!