Everyone wants clean drinking water, but sometimes it seems that no one wants to believe in the power of water filtration systems. Too often, homeowners hesitate to invest in residential water filters because of common misconceptions regarding their price, function, and installation.

Hundreds of thousands of homes in the United States could benefit from residential water filters. In fact, 85% of U.S. homes have hard water, or water that contains high levels of calcium and magnesium. Despite the obvious need for purer water, many are reluctant to improve their water due to myths surrounding different home water solutions.

If you’re thinking about installing a home water filter, don’t believe the rumors. Here are three myths about residential water filters that simply aren’t true:

Myth #1. Water Softener Alone Will Do The Job

If your home has hard water, it’s true that a water softener can improve your water quality by reducing the amount of magnesium and other minerals present. However, for some homes, water softeners alone won’t remedy quality issues, such as contaminants like chlorine or bacteria. If you’d like to improve your home’s water, first get it tested to determine what’s causing taste or smell problems. You may need more than a softener to correct your home’s water quality issues.

Myth #2. It’s Cheaper To Buy Bottled Water, So Why Bother With A Filter?

Obviously, home water filters cost more than a case of bottled water up front. However, if your family is relying solely on store bought bottles for drinking water, the expense of purchasing water will likely outweigh the cost of a filter over time. Buying bottled water is also rather harmful to the environment, even if you recycle. Do the planet and your budget a favor, and consider investing in a water filter system for your home.

Myth #3. Water Filters Require Too Much Maintenance

Finally, some homeowners fear that water filter systems will cause them expensive and frustrating maintenance problems over time. However, most water filter systems are built to last years with little to no serious repairs. The only maintenance required is a simple filter replacement as needed based on your water quality .

If your home has substandard water quality, don’t wait to address the problem because of these unfounded misconceptions. Contrary to popular belief, home water filtration is easy to maintain and relatively affordable. For more information on water filters, or are interested in purchasing a Culligan® Water Filter, contact us today 432-563-2690!  Visit our website www.culliganwt.com for more information.